Counseling Services

‘It is not our intent to walk in front of you, leading you or to walk behind you, pushing you. It is out intent to walk beside you.’

Even in the Body of Christ, there are unhappy and broken marriages, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, fear, worry, and many other problems resulting in distress, physical illness, and immobility.

The only complete source that identifies causes and provides solutions to all of life’s problems is the Bible. The promises and authority of God in the Old and New Testaments offer the basis for a vital, abundant life. The Bible contains solutions to every problem of attitude, relationships, communication, and behavior.

The Biblical Counseling Ministry at DCRC presents essential biblical principles that are designed to change your life through personal development and spiritual growth. If you  desire to overcome problems and to develop spiritual maturity, you must be willing to confront your failures and shortcomings and make appropriate changes according to biblical standards. If you do this, you will be able to grow up in the Lord Jesus Christ and be in a position to help others in an effective and biblical manner. We are here to help you have victory over life’s problem and develop your spiritual maturity.
Services available on a sliding fee scale.